PETER MAYR (not Peter Mayer and not Peter Myer)

Composer, Arranger, Keyboard Player, Vintage Keyboards Specialist


Peter Mayr


Peter Mayr

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Peter Mayr has been engaged for 35 years throughout Europe with his projects as studio musician as well as on stage.

In his studio in Barcelona, Spain, film music and world music are produced.

One of his focal points is the promotion of young pop and rock musicians.

Collaborating with instrument makers Peter Mayr develops instruments and accessories.

International stars such as John Medeski, Al Kooper (Blood Sweat and Tears), Mick Taylor (Rolling Stones) or The Blues Brothers like to engage the Hammond specialist Peter Mayr for their European tours.






Peter Mayr



Contact in Austria:

Tel. +43 699 118 123 93

Contact in Spain:

Tel. +34 650 170 291